From Winston To Julia

by Hailiah

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released March 17, 2017

Hailiah - vocals and keyboards
Mike Cassells - keyboards, guitar, bass and drums.

Engineered by Mike Cassells.
Recorded at Newcourt Studio A and Bottled Fish Studio.
Mixed by Mike Cassells at Bottled Fish Studio.



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Hailiah Ontario

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Track Name: From Winston To Julia
From Winston To Julia

Hold on to me
And we will fight
For our mind for our rights
To be free to feel what we feel now

Just stick with me
And we can try to be the way that we thought we couldn't be, yeah

Hiding from the spies
They're all around us they're deep inside
But we will fight for our right

If war is peace
Freedom is slavery
And if ignorance is strength
What are we?
What are we ?
Oh Julia, hold on to me

We should try to stay inside
Under these covers hold me now
You are all I can live for
I've never been this scared to loose myself in your eyes
And you just hold me tight

Oh Julia
Oh Julia

They're after me
But you do see
The better half of me

Oh Julia
Oh Julia

They caught me
The thought police
And now they'll take me from your arms

But I will always love you
And I will hold onto this memory
I will hope to see you soon
Don't worry now
Oh Julia

The spies they're after us
the norm is different from us
and the thoughts? They do not include us

Oh Julia
Oh Julia
I'm sorry Julia

They took my mind
They took your heart
And now you are
A corps laid before me

Oh Julia
I'm so sorry Julia
But I had to betray you
And now the love that lays in my heart, isn't for you

Oh Julia
Oh Julia